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Samoan Passage: media

In September 2013 we published a GRL article on our initial findings, which generated some press.

After our August 2012 cruise, the US Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa blogged about our visit to Samoa to load Revelle for the Pathways cruise here: Wavechasers blogged by US Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa

APL/UW has published a series of three videos on our project.  Check them out here.

We are thrilled to be working with Wide Eye and Giant Stride productions to produce outreach videos for this project.  They will be coming on the mapping cruise, Oct 2011, to begin their documentary.  See here for an example of their work.

The Crush Cam deployed for the first time on the mapping cruise received a fair bit of media attention:

NPR's Facebook page (Nov 7 post)

UW Today published an article on 2 Nov 2011 about our cruise, its science and our Crush Cam development.

Sea Technology published a piece in their e-news newsletter.