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Active Projects

Tasmania Internal Tide Experiment (T-Tide)
Samoan Passage Abyssal Mixing  Measuring abyssal flow through Samoan Passage and the associated mixing.
Internal Waves in Straits Experiment (IWISE)  With fieldwork in the summers of 2010 and 2011, this ONR-funded project focuses on understanding the mechanisms controlling the generation of internal tides in the two-ridge system of Luzon Strait---along with their propagation, contribution to mixing (dissipation) and interaction with the Kuroshio.
Hawaii Ocean Time Series (HOT) Profiler  Developing a next-generation profiling system wherein a McLane profiler is equipped with rechargeable batteries, that are topped off periodically from a large bank of underwater batteries.  The additional energy allows it to profile for a year instead of only 1-2 months.  Data are telemetered back to shore via iridium from a small surface float.
Washington Real-time Coastal Moorings (NEMO)  The Northwest Enhanced Moored Observatory (NEMO), which consists of a heavily-instrumented real-time surface mooring (Cha Ba), a real-time subsurface profiling mooring (NEMO-Subsurface) and a Seaglider to collect spatial information, aims to improve our understanding of complex physical, chemical and biological processes on the largely un-sampled Washington shelf.
Global Internal Tides from Altimetry In this ongoing project we endeavor to use our new techniques to analyze data from satellite altimeters (including T/P, Jason-1/2, ERS-1/2, Envisat, GFO) to make global maps of energy and energy flux in the internal tides, with an eye toward mapping where they eventually break.   

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